A letter to the new partner of Bole Bole Style Recruitment information
Welcome on board!          
Dear friends:                      
     Thank you very much for your trust and choice to pay attention to us or to join us, thus giving us both a better understanding of our warm and harmonious family! So ,once again, I will be on behalf of Bole to give you a warm welcome! As you see or feel, Bole will be a great platform to play your own, beyond yourself, to create and realize your value.           
     Founded in 2007 , Bole has been working on being the happiest,most trusted and the most respected world-class human resources company. Bole originally founded in Suzhou ,then the headquarter was moved to Shanghai .And we have branches in Shenzhen and Wuhan.In the future we will expand to the Southwest, North China, Hongkong and even abroad! Every one of us carry out "self-discipline, initiative, diligent, studious" self management standards,we are a strong advocate of execution, result oriented, responsible, happy thanksgiving to the team. I believe that with your concern or join, Bole will be more excellent.           
    For new partners, we have developed various training growth plan after the entry, so that you can better understand and be familiar with the bole and headhunting industry. We will provide detailed, accurate and professional training for you, at the same time to enable you to better integrate into the team and meet the job, we will also provide you with a good senior partner as your entry guide, a full range of guidance and help in the course of your growth. In addition, during your formal entry into the examination, we will give you some responsibility and motivation according to your position and function. At the same time, we will consult with you on you occupation development plan based on your personal interest, ability, experience, growth and development status of the company's goals , so that you can have clear progress in the work of the direction, to achieve personal goals faster and better.           
    Dear friends, headhunting service is a high speed development and great potential industry, it is also a highly competitive and challenging industry, there are more than more than 40 thousand large or small companies in China and they have create economic value over 100 billion each year. Join Bole, and stick to the business philosophy of "tomorrow will be better than today, everyone can succeed, the customer first" and "integrity, professional, efficient, service" and "continuing to create value for customers"  together and strive forward, fulfill the maintenance system of the company, share high-quality talent, customer resources, to become an excellent million consultants, make Bole become the happiest, most trust company for enterprises , most respected for candidates, a world-class human resource enterprise and integrated service partner, strive for more honor and value for your family and the society!           
  Welcome you again! Your effort will get everyone's affirmation and respect, Bole will return all that you deserve . Wish you a better future in Bole           
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Founder of Bole